Sunday, April 12, 2009

Heaven's Gardens are here on Earth


O son, this has been a wonderful season. It's Rabi'ul Awal, the birthday month of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to hop from one Heaven's Garden to another, Alhamdulillah. Yes, Heaven's Gardens are here on Earth. Where? Wherever majlis zikir and majlis ilmu takes place, a place where people mention the name of Allah a great deal, recite His Qalam, singing praises for His beloved Rasulullah and share all good knowledge pertaining to the Qur'an and sunnah. The Garden I was at last night (picture above) was beautified with fountains of sakinah. The angels lowered their wings, blessing the invited guests. The lights that shone from celestial skies illuminated gloomy hearts; hearts that so desire Allah's mercy and shafaat from Rasullullah s.a.w - hearts like mine.

The auspicious event was even more special because it was not only a Maulid celebration but also to honor Sultan al-Awliya Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jailani, the imam of all awliya, the last gate through whom one must enter, be they from Shadilli or Naqshabandi tariqah. Gracing the event was aleem ulamas and habaibs we respect and adore. I must mention their names here so that you know them, so that you will look out for them and those who resemble them in ranking, knowledge, gnosis, piety and amal soleh. The majlis was initiated and graced by Sheikh Affeefudin al-Jailani, a descendant of both the Prophet s.a.w and Sultan Awliya Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jailani. His brother Sheikh Hashim al-Jailani was there too. The other guests of honor (mentioning their names alone give me great pleasure) were:
Prof Dr Rafi'al Ani (Mufti Iraq), Al Habib Umar Hamid al-Jailani (from Makkah), Syed Abbas bin Syed Alawi al-Maliki al-Hasani (from Makkah), Prof. Dr. Ali Juma'ah Muhammad Abdul Wahab (Mufti Mesir), Al Habib Hassan bin Mohammad al-Attas (from Singapore), Dr Ahmad Omar Hashem (former rector of Al-Azhar University Mesir), Dr Muhammad Uthman al-Muhammady (ISTAC Malaysia) and Sheikh Muhammad Fuad Kamaludin al-Maliki (SOFA Insitute Malaysia). Of course I must also mention the presence of Malaysia's former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Hj Ahmad Badawi whose grandfather Sheikh Abdullah Fahim, was a highly respected wali in this region, from whom my late father had his initial exposure.
O Son, surely Mawlid Nabi is one event one can never get enough of.

A highly respected aleem, Sheikh Hassan Senawi was one big name who was regular in attending such events. I hereby announce with a feeling mixed between sadness and happiness that he after joining a Mawlid organised in Putrajaya last year, had passed away soon after the event. Please, now join me in reciting Al-Fatihah to this great lover of Muhammad Rasul Allah. May we emulate him in his adoration towards Rasulullah s.a.w. for surely we want to gather with honorable men like Sheikh Hassan Senawi, gathering under the banner of Nabi Muhammad s.a.w, under the banner of Liwaul Hamdi.

Paper cutting from Mawlid 2008 event held in Putrajaya, Malaysia.
Sheikh Hassan Senawi was wheelchair bound.

The other Heaven's Garden I had attended earlier in the blessed month of Rabi'ul Awal was at Al-Jenderami; nestled in the interior of Selangor, it is a place, a community you ought to visit because hundreds of aleem ulama from around the world have been there and will keep going there InshaAllah. I found them to be extraordinary in their dedication in living the shi'ar of Islam. They organize Mawlid and Majlis Ilmu every week, in addition to a few major events on a yearly basis, such as Ijtima Ulamak and Hol of Saidatina Khadijah al-Kubra.

O Son, these are the places I wish you would go. These are the people I want you to meet. Find them wherever they may be. Remember this du'a taught in the Qur'an:
"Robbi habli hukman
Wa al hiqni bis solehin"
O Lord, grant me hikmah (wisdom)
And enjoin me with the solehin (the righteous).
This should be one of your life missions:
to have wisdom
and to belong with the righteous men.

Links to:
2. Al Wariseen Trust - Mawlid Organizer whose patron is Sheikh Afeefuddin Al-Jailani.

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