Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lisan al-Din ibn al-Khatib


O son, a good trait to keep is of one's innocence. By being innocent you will have one good habit which is discovering.

Alhamdulillah, five days ago, discovering that Sheikh Ahmad al-Alawi (1869 -1934) once had a publication called Lisan al-Din, triggered the creation of this blog for you. Today, I have discovered a great Muslim from Andalusia Spain named, Lisan al-Din ibn al-Khatib (1313-1374) - an Andalusian poet, writer, historian, philosopher, politician and physician. He wrote excellent poetry, some of which was put to music as muwashshahat while others adorn the wall of magnificent Alhambra (photo above). Author of more than sixty books, his most valuable work was 'Al-Ihata fi ta'rij Garnata' or 'The Complete Source on the History of Granada'. Some of his poems are still sung today in Morocco, in the classical repertoire of the Andalusian Nuba.

He was described as 'the greatest Muslim writer of Granada and the last great intellectual, writer and statesman of Muslim Spain. Son of a Granadine court official, he received an excellent education. He was vizier of Yusuf I from 1349 to 1354, and continued under Yusuf’s son Muhammad V.'

May you be inspired by this discovery as much as I am. So do make a habit to discover people, places and new subjects everyday and pray like the Prophet s.a.w:

"Robbi zidni ilma"
O Lord, increase me in knowledge!
# Click here to learn more about the rise and fall of Islamic Spain

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