Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Munajat al-Hikam (1)


O son, the best of du'a is one that reflects the essence of tawheed and who is better in composing a munajat (petition) which is laden with hikmah (wisdom) than the author of Al-Hikam, the venerated Ibn Atha'illah. May Allah bless his soul.

O Allah,
How do I implore my conditions to You when my conditions are not hidden from You.
How do I translate them to You into words when my words originate from You and go back to You.
How could You forsake my ambition when my ambition is walking towards You.
How could You not improve my position when my position is to stand with You and return to You.
Bismillah (In Allah's Name)
wabillah (with Allah)
waminallah (from Allah)
wa illallah (to Allah)
wa 'alallah (by Allah's Will)
wa fillah (in Allah's protection)
wala haula wala quwata illa billahil 'aliyil 'azim.

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