Thursday, April 9, 2009

Toe the line - Silsilah to Rasulullah - Tariqah


O son,
Toe the line means to conform to a rule or a standard. I must establish this expectation from you up front before you lose yourself in finding the right direction. Our rule or standard is the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. the beloved of Allah. Who are you to ignore this man when Allah Himself makes salawat to him? InnaAllaha wa malaikatahu yusalloona `ala an-nabi - Verily Allah and His angels are making salawat, praising Saidina Muhammad (s) .
Allahumma solli ala Saidina Muhammad; the man who brings mercy to the entire universe.

Silsilah to Rasulullah
The shuyukhs and most definitely the ahlul bayt (the family of Muhammad) they are all followers of Rasulullah s.a.w. hence we get in line and follow them. Emulate his deeds because his akhlaq is nothing short of the al-Qur'an. As such, to understand his mannerism you must understand what is being taught in the Ummul Kitab. So let it be your first book and your daily reference. If you cling on to these two sources namely the Qur'an and sunnah of the Prophet, it should suffice, these are living inheritance from your forefathers who submit to the deen of Islam. It is a coincident that at the time of this posting the universe is adorned with a full bright moon and I am most certainly reminded of Rasulullah s.a.w. tholaal badru alaina...

TariqahSheikh Ahmad Alawi whose blessings we have received (bi-iznillah) in conceiving this space was in Darqawi tariqah and due to his high station was later authorized to initiate a sub-lineage known as Alawiyah. Sheikh Bahaudeen Naqshabandi through whose gate I enter is of the Naqshabandi tariqah. Tariqahs are like roads that converge to one destination which is Rasul Allah. Do not have doubts on this for what it wants to do to you ultimately is clean your heart, polish off any rusts simply by invoking Allah, Allah, Allah...
What you will come to learn from them is a subject called tasawuf. A subject that will make you very critical of yourself and not of others. So busy yourself with this O son.

Meaning of a hadith narrated by at Tarmidhi:
“Indeed the ulamas are the heirs of the anbiya. Though they have not left us with dinar and dirham, they have left for us a sound body of knowledge and whoever takes it, he will have taken a great portion."

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