Monday, May 18, 2009

Believer's Weapon - Al Ghazali's Du'a


Ad-du'a silahul mukmin
Ad-du'a silahul mukmin
Ad-du'a silahul mukmin
"Du'a is the believer's weapon", says Muhammad Rasul Allah s.a.w.

O son, I just needed to reaffirm those lines. Oh, how needy we are, yet powerful we could become with du'a! I wish to say the du'a which Imam Al-Ghazali (1058 - 1111 CE) had lovingly written in 'Ayyuhal Walad' (Dear Beloved Son). This, being the last of 24 counsels the 'Hujjatul Islam' Imam Al-Ghazali had written, shows the great care he had in fulfilling the request of his student who seeked his advice. Now, it is with love that I dedicate the du'a to you.
My dear son...
I have written in this chapter the answer to your request, so you should act accordingly, and do not forget (to mention) me in your most righteous du'a (supplications). As for the du'a which you asked me to teach you, you will find it among the supplications of the Sihah (authentic collection of hadith) Read this du'a at different times and especially after your prayer.

O Allah, I ask of You complete blessings, lasting protection from sin, comprehensive mercy, acquisition of well being (in this world and in the next), the best provision, the happiest life, the most complete favour, the most generous blessing, the sweetest grace and the closest gentleness.

O Allah, be for us and not against us. O Allah, seal our lives with happiness and good fortune, realise our aspirations accompanied with further increase. Combine our mornings and evenings with safety and make Your compassion our return and our last resort and pour the best of Your forgiveness over our sins and favour us with the reform of our defects. Make piety our provision and grant us interpretative judgment in Your religion, and make us depend on You and have confidence only in You.

O Allah, make us firm on the path of steadfastness, and safeguard us in this world from matters that will bring shame on the Day of Judgment, and lighten for us the burden of our sins, and grant us lives of the righteous and protect us from the evil of the evil ones. Save our necks and the necks of our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters from the fire of Hell by Your compassion, O Most Powerful one, Most Forgiving, Most Generous, Concealing of our faults; O You, Most Knowledgeable, Most Overwhelming, O Allah! O Allah! O Allah! By Your Mercy, O Most Merciful of the merciful, O First before the firsts, Last after the lasts, O Possessor of Strength, Everlasting, Compassionate to the destitute, Most Compassionate of those who are compassionate. There is no god but You, glory be to You, verily I am of the wrongdoers. And may Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and all his Followers and Companions. All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord and Cherisher of all the worlds.

'Ayyuhal Walad' translation by:
Dr. Kamal El-Helbawy,
Awakening Publications, 2000.

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