Friday, May 1, 2009

Dzul Nun al-Misri on Five Tickets to Heaven


Dzul Nun al-Misri (796-861 CE) is a prominent Egyptian Sufi Saint among the notable early sufi saints such as Junayd al-Baghdadi (830-910 CE) and Abu Yazid Bistami (804-874 CE).

Dzul Nun's response when he was asked about the requisites one need in order to make it to heaven:

1. Be istiqamah (constant) in your journey/on your path.

2. Have a strong determination without being forgetful.

3. Muraqabah (see) Allah on both the manifest and the hidden.

4. Wait for your death with adequate preparedness.

5. Muhasabah (appraise) yourself before you are judged.
As narrated by my guru. O son, let us all take heed.
Photo above is Dzul Nun's tomb in Cairo.
May we visit him someday, InshaAllah.

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