Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What face shall we wear?


O son, each time you face a mirror, apart from saying the regular du'a so that Allah beautifies your akhlaq as He has beautified your face, you MUST also think and consider what face you will be wearing on the Day of Resurrection. I do not wish to deliberate on the negative but imagine how wonderful it would be if we were among those who will have...
wujuhun yau ma izin na'imah
(Other) faces that Day will be joyful - Quran 88:8
wujuhun yau ma izin musfirah
some faces that Day will be bright - Quran 80:38
wujuhun yau ma izin nadhirah
some faces that Day shall be radiant - Quran 75:22
So let us busy ourselves with a special facial treatment, a spiritual one that is, so that we will wear these beautiful faces on the Day of Resurrection, God-willing. Each time after reading the Qur'an put your face on it, kiss it and pray in your heart so that Allah will make your face na'imah, musfirah and nadirah on that Day. Each time you rinse your face during wuduk (ablution), repeat these verses in your heart with deep longing so that you will be among those who would rise happily to face the Day:
- wujuhun yau ma izin na'imah
- wujuhun yau ma izin musfirah
- wujuhun yau mai izin nadhirah
And while we are still here we should treat our face with care and prepare for that big day
- by standing in prayers facing the kiblat at least five times a day;
- by facing the Qur'an on a daily basis;
- by facing the Baitullah for hajj and umrah;
- by facing our parents with obedience and
- by facing towards those in need of our help.

Strive hard so that one day we will understand with certainty that wheresoever we turn we see His Face, His attributes. If we recognize His Face now, we can be sure to recognize Him in the Hereafter. There is a du'a by the Prophet s.a.w which we should also practise:
"Allahumma inni as aluka ladzat alnazar ila wajhika."
O Allah, grant me the pleasure of seeing Your Face.
Certainly the pleasure of seeing His Face far surpass the Heaven and everything that it contains. Subhanallah. So let's be sure where, what and who we face. Also how we face what we face. Bi-iznillah, with God's permission, let's pray that on the Day of Resurrection our faces will be joyful (na'imah), bright (musfirah) and radiant (nadhirah).
Allahumma Ameen.

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