Saturday, May 2, 2009

Who is Al-Hakam?


O son, do not ever play God, do not judge others, do not keep their scores. Allah is Al-Hakam (the Arbitrator, the Judge) not you. Even if you try to be one, you cannot be like Him Al-Afuw (the Forgiver, the Effacer, the Pardoner). He forgive the sins of those He choose to forgive but you can't. For how can you do that, how can you be a forgiver to one who didn't do a mistake to you but did a mistake and offend someone else, and that someone else is his/her Lord? So do not be a judge in the first place.

Remember, tasawuf/sufism is about being critical on yourself but not of others. So keep your own account. Yesterday, my heart broke because someone tried to be a judge on me. When your heart breaks on account of your sins and out of remorse to Allah, that's a beautiful feeling because you know your Lord is Al-Ghaffar (the Forgiving, the Forgiver). But when a mortal judge you, make derogatory remarks and break your heart, your heart shatters.

O son, keep your focus on Him, leave those who like to play God, leave them alone. Present your broken heart to Him, for healing from Him is much more meaningful than healing from a mere mortal. Allah has promised that those who sincerely repent for His sake are like His Lovers and He will replace all the bad deeds of the one who repented with equal amount of good deeds. So do you reckon one who play judge on others, already he can't act 'the Forgiver', do you reckon he is in a position to offer you good deeds? No!

Allahu Allah...times like these remind me of the beautiful moments I spent in front of the Kaabah Multazam. O Allah, thank You for inviting me to Your Holy House. You have promised that You will erase the sins of those who come here to repent and that there are no sins in between two umrahs that are not forgiven. May You grant this mercy on me and all who seek Your mercy and forgiveness. Allahumma Ameen.

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  1. For the record, I have forgiven that 'abdullah' for I am an 'abdullah' myself and we are all just waiting for the time to go back to our Lord. Inna lillah wa inna ilaihiroji'un.