Wednesday, June 24, 2009

33rd Discourse of Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani


O son, first things first, the correct way to pronounce his last name is Ji-lani and not Jai-lani. Shaykh Fahmi Zamzam al-Maliki pointed out this common mistake among Malaysians. Oh well, I have mis-pronounced this holy name for like a thousand times until last sunday.

This extract is taken from 'Al-Fath ar-Rabbani' a book I borrowed from my dear Ustaz Shamsul.

It was in the guesthouse, in the early morning of Sunday, the 23rd of Jumadal Akhira, A.H. 545 that Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (1077 - 1166 CE) said:

To see one who loves Allah (Almighty and Glorious is He) is to see one who has seen Allah with his heart, who has entered His presence with his innermost being (sirr). Our Lord is a visible entity. As the Prophet s.a.w has said: 'You will see your Lord as you see the sun and the moon, not disputing amongst yourselves the fact that you see him.'

Today, He is seen with the eyes of their hearts, tomorrow with the eyes in their heads:
'There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing. (Quran 16:11)

Those who love Him are content with Him to the exclusion of all others. To Him alone they turn for help. For them bitterness of poverty becomes the sweetness of doing without this lower world, of being content with Him and enjoying affluence with Him.

Their wealth is in their poverty, their comfort in their affirmities, their friendship in their loneliness, their nearness in their remoteness, their relaxation in their weariness. How blessed are you, O patient ones, O contented ones, O you who pass beyond your lower selves (nufus) and your passionate desires (ahwiya)!

O my people! Adapt yourselves to Him, and gladly accept His workings within you and in others. Do not preen yourselves and pit your minds against the One who is more expert than you. Allah has said: 'Allah knows and you know not.' (Quran 2:232)

Stand before me bankrupt of all your intellect and all your intellect and all your acquired knowledge. To obtain His knowledge, let your minds go blank and make no willful choice. Be helpless at His dsiposal, till knowledge comes to you. Bewilderment first, then awareness second, then thirdly arriving at the facts. The intention, then reaching the intended goal. The wish, then achievement of the desired purpose.

Take heed and act accordingly, for I am twisting your cords. I am twisting your slack cords and reconnecting those that have been split. I have no concern but your concern. I have no anxiety but your anxiety. I am a bird; I glean wherever I alight. The serious business has to do with you, O stones discarded, O cripples overburdened, shackled to your lower selves, fettered by your whims and passions!
O Allah, on me have mercy, and on them have mercy!

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