Friday, June 19, 2009

Discovering Salawat Imam Ibn Mashish


O son, ask and you shall be given.

When I first heard the meanings of Salawat Imam Ibn Mashish, my heart melted and expanded as vast as an ocean. But the friend who read it out to me did not have the Arabic wordings. So I left with a deep sense of longing. A few days later, to my surprise, Shaykh Fahmi Zamzam al-Maliki revealed this salawat from his book 'Provision for the Akhirah'. Shaykh Fahmi, however refused to elaborate the meanings in detail because 'it is too deep' he said. So yesterday I went back to the friend who has the English meaning and pleaded her to give it to me. Alhamdulillah, here is the transliteration of salawat Ibn Mashish from Shaykh Fahmi's kitab, followed by its English meaning; they might not be a perfect match but still they are worthy of contemplation.

Allahumma solli 'ala man minhun shak khotil asraru
wan falakhotil anwaru
wa fi hir takhotil hakha-iq
wa tanaz zalat 'ulumu Adam
Fa 'aq jazal khala'iq
walahu tadho alatil fuhumu
Falam yudrik hu minna saabikhu wala la hikh
fariya dhul malakuti bizah ri jamalihi mu nikhotun
wahiya dhul jabaruti bifaidhi anwarihi mutadaffaqah
wala syai-a illa wahuwa bihi manuth
iz lau lal waasithotu lazahaba (kama fila) al mausuthu
solatan taliikhu bika minka ilaihi kama huwa ahluhu
Allahumma innahu sirrukal jami'ud dallu 'alaika
wahaja bukal 'aqzomul kho imu laka baina yadaika
Allahumma al hikhni binasabihi
wa haq qiqni bihasabihi wa'ar rifni iyyahu makrifatan aslamu biha min mawaaridil jahli
wa ak ro'uu biha min mawaridil fadhli
wah milni 'ala sabilihi ila hadhratika
hamlan mahfufan binus rotika
wakhzifbi 'alal baathili fa'ad maquhu
wa zujjabi fi bihaa ril ahadiyah
wan shilni min au haalit tauhidi
wa aqrikhni fi 'aini bahril wahdah
hatta la ara wala as ma'aa wala ajida wala uhissa illa biha
waj 'alil hijabal 'aqzoma hayaata ruuhi
wa ru hahu sirra haqiqati
wa haqi qotahu jaa mi'a 'awaa limi
bitah khi khil hak khil awwali
ya awwalu ya aaqiru ya zahiru ya batinu
is maq nidaa'i bima samiqta bihi nidaa'a 'abdika Zakaria
wansurni bika laka
wa aiyad ni bika laka
waj maq baini wabainaka
wahul baini wa baina qoirika
Allah, Allah, Allah
Innal lazi faradho 'alaikal Qur'ana lara aadduka ila ma'adin
Allah shower Your blessings upon him from whom burst open the secrets, and stream forth the lights, and in whom rise up the realities; And upon whom descended the sciences of Adam; by which all creatures are made powerless. And blessings upon him before whom all understanding is diminished. And none of us totally comprehend him whether in the past or the future. The garden of spiritual kingdom blossom honoredly with the resplendent of his beauty. And the reservoir of the world of dominion overflow with the outpouring of his light. There is nothing that is not connected to him. Because if there were no intercessor, everything to be interceded for would vanish as it is sad. So bless him with a prayer that is worthy of You from You as befit his stature. Allah indeed he is Your all encompassing secret that leads through You to You. And he is Your supreme veil raised before You between Your hands. O Allah, include me among his descendants and confirm me through his account and let me know him with deep knowledge that keeps me save from the well of ignorance so that I might drink to fullness from the well of excellence. And carry me on his path to Your presence; encompassed by Your victory and strike through me at the false so that I may destroy it. Plunge me into the sea of oneness and drown me in the essence of the ocean of unity, until I neither see nor hear nor find nor sense except through it. O Allah, make the supreme veil, the life of my spirit; And his soul the secret of my reality and his reality the conflux of my worlds through the realization of the first truth. Hear my call as you heard the call of your servant Zakaria; and grant me victory through You for You, And support me through You for You; And join me to You and come between myself and anything other than You. Indeed, he who ordained the Qur'an for You will return to the station of Your ultimate destiny.

I learned afterwards that Green Mountain School USA sells the above booklet at USD5.55. "The booklet contains both the Prayer of Sidi ‘ibn Mashish, the Shaykh of Sidi Abu-l-Hasan ash-Shadhdhuli, and the redaction upon it, composed by Shaykh Muhammad Abu-l-Mawwahib at-Tunisi, may Allah sanctify their secret. Sidi ‘ibn Mashish received this prayer from the Prophet s.a.w."

O son, that was my awkward journey in discovering this precious gem. May Imam Ibn Mashish take pity on me and shower his barakah so that I (and you) could memorize and practise it religiously. I look forward to a trip to Madinah al-Munawarah when I would be standing beneath the Holy Green Dome, addressing Rasulullah s.a.w with this salawat, with all my heart...InshaAllah.


  1. Salams sister. If you could truly imagine yourself being in front of the Rawdah, then every night you could be addressing the Lord's beloved, perfect peace and blessings of Allah be upon him perpetually, with your heart and soul. There is no distance in the realm of the spirit.

    Thank you for the post. Allah shower his bounties - especially love and gnosis - abundantly upon you.

  2. Salam dear Zhafri,
    Thank you very much for those wonderful words of advice. Indeed Allahyarham Shaykh Ibrahim Muhammad al-Battawi had said to one of his close mureed 'there is no distance in the realm of spirit.' And I cannot thank you enough for your generous du'a: love and gnosis - may Allah grant the same to you.
    I remain an ignorant admirer of Ibn Mashish as reflected in this other post:
    Thank you for visiting Lisan al-Din.

  3. Salam,

    Salah satu kaedah untuk mendapat mimpi bertemu Nabi saw ialah melazimkan membaca selawat Al Masyish 3 x sebelum tidur. Ini petua dari kitab selawat karangan Syaikh Muhammad Fuad Al AlMaliki, berpandukan kepada pengalaman Almarhum Shaikh Muhammad Alawi AlMaliki.

    Wallaahu 'alam.