Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don't be a heretic!


O son, it is common for sufi aspirants to fall every now and then while traversing the Path, especially those who are ignorant who follow the ignorant. So beware from whom you acquire your knowledge. Knowledge (useful knowledge that is) must be sought from persons of the right character, those who display good adab. One who is truly knowledgable will have good manners inwardly, outwardly, in public and in private. Do not be easily deceived by a person's physical appearance, eloquence or title. I have been fooled by a few 'gurus', so listen to me!

Imam Malik said: "He who follows the path of Sufism while neglecting jurisprudence (syariat) is a heretic (zindiq) and he who learns jurisprudence while neglecting the path (tasawuf/haqiqat) commits transgression (fasiq)."

O son, I was at one point in time, misguided and became a heretic because I followed a preacher of haqiqat who left his syariat at home. I was at one point in time, led astray by a bogus guru who not only abandoned shariat but used malevolent magics on me. I was at one point in time, tricked by a 'saint' who blogs eloquently on mysticism and gnosis but talked me into doing the unthinkable when in private. I was at one point in time, misled by two 'shaykhs' who used their oratory skills to lure me into fulfilling their desires. I was at one point in time deluded by yet another 'shaykh' who wished to marry me for a few weeks! Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, I forgive all of them. May Allah forgive them. May Allah pardon me for I must have been impure myself to have attracted such characters. May Allah save all of us and our future generations from heresy.

O son, the road to Allah is slippery. The risk for a female salik is even higher. So when I found the genuine murshids whom I have stuck by and whose teachings I share with you; you O son, you take heed and know the price I had to pay to find them.

Allahu Allah...keep us in Your protection dunya wal akhirah. O Rasulullah, help us, we are the children of akhiru zaman, shield us from all sorts of fitnah, grant us your shafaat now and in the hereafter. Allahumma solli ala Saidina Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad...O Rasulullah, O Habibullah, O Nabi Allah...

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