Friday, June 26, 2009

I am my father's secret


Ismail bin Jan (1935-1995) - my dearest father was regarded by his friends as 'the king of men'; acknowledged by the state of Sarawak for his dedicated service to its people and awarded medals for his bravery while serving in the army. But a bigger medal this sergeant truly deserves is from Allah s.w.t for having inspired no fewer than 200 people to embrace Islam. May the Lord accept his deeds.

A son who turned down an offer to study religion in Egypt because there was no one to look after his mother. A husband who enjoyed cooking for his wife. A father who insisted on preparing sahur and iftar meals for the family each Ramadhan that he was with us.

The one who taught me to love the alim ulama (religious scholars) and contemplate on the wisdom behind each event. The one whose secrets are within me.

O Abah, I long for the day when I would be circumambulating the Kaabah and walking up Safa & Marwah again, all for your sake. And this favorite girl of yours have also recited some 70,000 La ilaha illAllah for you. May Allah accept these gifts from me to you and raise you to a higher heavenly realm bi-iznillah. May Allah refrain from punishing you on account of my previous wrong doings. May you be happy to know that this note is written while I am in a spiritual retreat, so rest assured that your little baby has changed for the better. May your soul dwell in the abode of the solehin, peacefully, until we reunite for eternity. Ameen. Al-Fatihah.

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