Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ibn Arabi's Tuesday Eve Prayer


O my Lord, make me rich through You, beyond need of any other than You, so that this pure sufficiency leaves me free of all conditions that might make me dependent on any creaturial need or spiritual requirement. Make me reach the utmost ease in my prosperity (in You) , and elevate me to the lote-tree of my extreme limit. Let me witness existence as a cycle and the journey as an orbit, so that I may behold the mystery of Divine Descent to the ultimate ends and the Return to the very beginnings, where speech comes to an end and the vowel of the lam is silent where the dot of the ghayn is removed from me and the One returns to the two.

O my God, grant me the facility of that secret which You have accorded to many of Your saints, a facility which will dispell from me the fog of my (apparent) self sufficiency. Support me in all this by a radiant light, dazzling the eyes of every envier among jinn and mankind. Grant me the gift of an aptitude which brings success in every station. Make me rich beyond need of other than You, with a richness that establishes my complete poverty towards You.
Indeed You are the Rich, the Praiseworthy, the Friend, the Illustrious, the Generous, the Discerning Director!

And may the blessing of God be upon our master Muhammad, and upon all his family and companions.
Partial extract from: 'Ibn Arabi. The Seven Days of the Heart. Prayers for the nights and days of the week' Translated by Pablo Beneito and Stephen Hirtenstein.

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