Thursday, June 11, 2009

Knock persistently at one door


O son, Shaykh Mulay al-Arabi ad-Darqawi (1743-1823 CE) wished that you not be scattered in love.
"I would like you not to be scattered in your love, for that will prevent you from reaching the secret, the object of your desire, virtue and grace. We see that some people become attached now to one thing, now to another. They are like a man who tries to find water by digging a little here and a little there and will die of thirst; whereas a man who digs deep in one spot, trusting in the Lord and relying on Him will find water, he will drink and give others to drink (but God knows best). The Sufis used to say: knock persistently at one door and many doors will be opened to you; submit to one Master and the multitude will submit to you. In the same way, a man who longs now for the East, now for the West, travelling sometimes in one direction, sometimes in the other, who is sometimes moderate, sometimes greedy, is far from the goal; if he attained to nearness, he would stop his agitation and be at peace. He who stops at opinion never arrives at realization. So cease to be busy with conjecture and never judge anything on the basis of your individual opinion, but only after having realized it. For sincerity in deed and word destroys doubts and cares and strengthens consciousness of divine Unity (tawhid) in the heart of him who practices it constantly. It even causes the interference of the passionate soul (nafs) to disappear; and when the soul ceases to be hostile in a man, the hostility of the human collectively toward him ceases also. From that moment, it is his turn to act and God (be He exalted) will help him. But if he abstains from offending the servants of his Lord, while himself accepting their offences, he will be even greater in virtue and in spirituality, for this is the state of the saints who attain perfection." Greetings of Peace from Shaykh Mulay al-Arabi ad-Darqawi!_________________________________________
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