Friday, July 17, 2009

Gather, listen, follow and derive benefits


Habib Abdul Aziz Shihab of Palembang, Indonesia related this in his tausiyah at Kuala Lumpur Ba'alawi Center recently.

One of the Prophet's name is Mubbashir which means the bringer of good news. It was narrated that Allah had asked the Prophet s.a.w to bring a good news to His servants who are willing to listen and follow; that they are in fact those who will receive guidance.
There are four requisites for one to gain any good:
1. Ijtimak - first and foremost, people need to gather together
2. Ijtimad -then each one must listen
3. Iktibaq - one must also be willing to follow
4. And then derive benefit.
It is common for people to gather at an event but not everyone wants to listen and even fewer care to follow what they hear or what is taught. If they get together with an intention to listen and follow, only then will they reap the benefits.

Shaykh Nazim Adil Haqqani addressing jemaah at Durbans Grey Street Mosque, South Africa. Photo credit: Meziane Haqqani Fellowship

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