Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Madinah, Madinah, Madinah...


O what joy
Smelling the bakhour
from far away a land
O Nabi, Sayyidul Mursalin
Your holy scent permeates every corner
Rahmatan lil 'alamin

My salam to you O Yaseen
Through a dear friend
Syed the sincere middle-man
the envelope of hope
reached you al-Ameen

Hiding in a corner of his heart
Peeking through his eyes
What can I afford
this miserable one
but stranded in her homeland

The bond with Syed Mustafa
out of love for you O Toha
keep us together under your banner
while he is there, I am here

A ring
to one standing on holy ground
enough to make my heart sing
O Madinah
such magic you bring!

In an instant I saw myself
praying in Masjid Nabawi
but my legs trembled
my soul crumbled
the soils under
are better than me

What an honor O earth O dust
to be hugging such a prophet
Muhammad, Ahmad
How dare I walk on
when you embrace the one
who makes tears fall
though they see him not
yet spellbound

Madinah Madinah Madinah
sweet name a city
like honey on the lips
pronouncing it alone
make one happy

O Nabi
all I can do is repeat after al-Jazuli
O Nabi
appease this anguish
for I cannot praise you like Ibn-Mashish

O Madinah
take pity on me
take me to you
I want to be with dear Nabi
I want to be with dear Nabi too!
Friday, July 10th 2009
On calling Syed Mustafa in Madinah

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