Thursday, July 23, 2009

Syed Ibrahim Bin Yahya on Bahjatun Nufus (Majlis 'Ilm)


Ba'Alawi KL will be hosting this week's Majlis 'Ilm on:
Friday (24th July 2009) at 8.45 pm
Saturday (25th July 2009) at 9.00 am

Syed Ibrahim bin Yahya
will lead a series of lectures on ahadith from
KITAB BAHJATUN NUFUS by Imam Abu Mohammad Abdullah bin Abi Hamzah al-Andalusy.

Bahjatun Nufus literally means 'Beauty of the Soul'. It is a summary of ahadith narrated by Imam al-Bukhary. Syed Ibrahim will InshaAllah enlighten us on two pertinent aspects of our existence, namely the soul and life itself. May Allah s.w.t grants us the time and ability to attend the said Majlis. And may Rasulullah s.a.w be pleased with our efforts in learning as-Sunnah. Ameen.

Ba'alawi KL
No. 9, Jalan UP2A,
Taman Prima Ukay
Saujana Melawati
(Behind National Zoo)Host/person to contact: Ben Alawi +6019 669 3887
Wassalamualaikum warahmatullah.

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