Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tips for a seeker of the Truth


O son, I have in my journey to the Lord of Power, owed a friend on the Path for being the first to introduce Sufism to me. This summary of the essentials is from him and his great counsels who have mostly crossed the barzakh. Allahu aleem.
It's all about:
1. Understanding - have knowledge of all sorts, all pointing to Him.
2. Awareness - enlightenment of all relationships to Him.
3. Detachment - removing attachments or things thereof other than Him.
4. Submission - complete annihilation of self only onto Him.
The above four complete the journey of self to Him - fana.

Below four are the precepts for ever-living - baqabillah.
1. Servitude - acceptance of the daily living under Him (not with Him)
2. Gratitude - appreciation of every breath and heart beat as being all from Him.
3. Acknowledgment - of Allah in zat, sifat, asma, af'al - all there is, is Him.
4. Nothingness - you exist no more, no name, nothing.

O son, contemplate on this and by God you shall get 'there'. I say there with inverted commas because the kingdom of God is not a far away place but is the consciousness within. Ariftu Rabbi bi Rabbi. I know my Lord by my Lord.

Thank you dear ikhwan!

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