Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Understanding Musyahadah


O son, be present with Him! Attar says, He is your one neccessity, so with every breath you breathe remember Him, be present with Him. Allah qarib. Allah is near.
Musyahadah is being present with Allah.
Al musyahadatu hudurul haq.

Muhadharah or hadirul qalb i.e. the heart's presence with Allah is the prelude to musyahadah. And the next stage is mukashafah, which according to Imam Qushairi is:
La mahjuba 'an naqtil ghaib.
"Not being veiled from the attributes of the unseen."

Musyahadah according to Imam Junaid is the vision of Allah where the realm of emotions or feeling ceased to exist.
Al musyahadatu wujudul haqqi ma a' fuqdanihi.

One may achieve this stage by annihilating one's self and this filthy world in place of the Holy Being Haq. Mulay al-Alawi ad-Darqawi says in his Rasail Darqawiya:
"Eversince I unite in His Oneness, I see not others. In fact, it is forbidden to see other than Him."

- Quoted from: 'Defining Ihsan and Tasawwuf' pp 269-270, by Ustaz Shamsul Mohd Nor, 2009

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