Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nisfu Shaaban (Laylatul Bara'ah)


O son, alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, what a blessed night this Nisfu Shaaban, for Allah al-Jami' to gather His servants at majlis zikr.

Habib Dr. Ahmad al-Kaf led the majlis held at Ba'alawi KL. I have never heard anyone recited such intensely moving du'a before. The depth and breadth of his recitations evoking emotions of tawbah and hope among the jemaah was to me, comparable to Imam Sudais' du'a on the night of 27th Ramadhan at Masjidil Haram. MashaAllah! Tearful servants of Allah wished for nothing but His Mercy. According to Habib, all eyes will cry (kullu 'ainin baqiyah) on the Day of Resurrection save those whose eyes had shed tears for Allah while in the dunya.

O son, make haste in capturing the hidden blessings reserved on the night of Nisfu Shaaban. May you be among those who win His mercy. Ameen.

Madho Rajabu ya sohi 'anka
Rajab with its blessings has left you O friend

Shahidan 'ala haqqi lahu lam tuwaffah
and it has witnessed the truth that you had not performed

waha qod madho min shahri Shaabana nisfuhu
And now half of Shaaban is gone

wa anta 'ala ma la aquhu biwasfihi
while you are in a state which I cannot fathom

fabadir bifiqlil khoiri qablan qidhoihi
hasten to do good deeds before you lose it

wahazir hujumal mauti fihi bisorfihi
beware of the coming of death as it (Nisfu Shaaban) leaves us

fakum min fitan qod baata fin nisfi aamilan
how many people who spend the night wishing

waqod nusikhat fihin sohifatan hatfihi
whereas the note of death has been erased therefrom

waqum lailatin nisfil sharifi musolliyan
wake up on this night of mid-shaaban and pray

fa ashraf hazas shahra lailati nisfihi
witness this month by observing the night of its mid-month

wasum yaumahu lillahi warju suwabahu
Fast during the day for Allah's sake and hope for His rewards

litadhfara yaumal 'ardhi fihi bilutfihi
may you, with His Latif, be successful on the day of the presentation.

A note of appreciation to Ben & Ina for hosting such a holy majlis. May Allah make it easy for them to achieve their aspirations in making the Ba'alawi KL center, a place that is makmur with nur. Ameen.

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