Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Traveling Home

O son, I must apologize again for not offering you anything yesterday. The problem with me is I want to give you my all and to delight your soul although I know I do not have much to offer apart from my love. And the fact remains that we are all subjected to Hukum Waqt (the rules of Time). So know that even on the days when you do not hear from me here in this space, my heart is constantly speaking to you. Believe in your heart that we are never separated by time and circumstances, just as attributes are never separated from the essence.

I traveled home yesterday. Traveling home (jalan pulang) is one act we do in perpetuity whether we realise it or not, no matter which direction we take we are always moving nearer to our Center, to where we come from. This journey reminded me of fellow seekers who would roam about the country meeting the 'aleem and areef only to ask them one simple question, "Tunjukkan kami jalan pulang?" (Show us the way Home).

As our breath diminish, with each step we move one step closer to Him and may that one step be not heedless. May each step be one that proves our servanthood. Yesterday, I had traveled with an intense feeling of khauf (fear) and raja' (hope) given the state of my vehicle. But it's not the vehicle that transports us from one place to our destinations but we travel with His qudrah, His attribute Al-Qadir carrying us in His Palm. What do we know O son? "No person knows what he will earn tomorrow and no person knows in what land he will die." (Al-Qur'an: al-Lukman, 34)
As I offer you my apology if you had missed me yesterday or on any days to come, know that I pray for steadfastness in love so I could give it to you from my heart always and forever...
Let's now say this du'a as practised by Ibrahim Adham:
"O Allah, make us satisfied with Your Decree.
Grant us patience with Your affliction
and enable us to thank You for Your blessings.
We ask You to give us the fullness of blessings,
the permanence of well being,
and steadfastness in LOVE."
Ameen Allahumma ameen.
p/s's wonderful to be back here in Penang!

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