Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ijazah ( الإِجازَهْ ) / Certificate


O son, yesterday was a special day for two reasons. Age-wise, it marked an important milestone in my path towards the Lord of the Power. It signified the beginning of the last leg of my journey (so to speak) which would determine how well I might fare for the rest of my life.

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, as I embraced the day, a gift came unexpectedly. It was an Ijazah ( الإِجازَهْ /certificate) from my spiritual father. I thought getting a distinction for a master's degree was something but really certificates on wordly knowledge are no way comparable to an ijazah that tells you where you stand in terms of real knowledge. By real knowledge I mean understanding things as they really are. The Prophet s.a.w is known to have made a du'a: "O Allah show me things as they really are."

Ah...we cannot thank Him enough for He is always giving us more than anything we could ever present to Him. Allah Kareem!

O son, by all means strive to become a muhaqqiq, a verifier; one who sees things as they are in themselves, without obfuscations (confusion resulting from failure to understand).
So pray:
Ilahi 'allimni min 'ilmikal maqzun
wa bi sirris mikal ma'sun
O Lord, teach me from Your knowledge that is hidden in Your treasure-trove
and protect me with the secret of Your well guarded Name.

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