Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shariat - Tariqat - Haqiqat


The shariat derives its sanction from ilm al-yaqin (knowledge through inference), tariqat from ain al-yaqin (knowledge through perception) and haqiqat from haq al-yaqin (knowledge through experience).

The one who treads the path of shariat
is the knower,
the one who treads the path of tariqat
is the perceiver,
the one who treads the path of haqiqat
is the taster.

Thus, shariat is learning,
tariqat is burning
and haqiqat is illumination.

by MASUD-I-BAK from 'The Reflections of the Mystics of Islam', compiled and introduced by Zaharul Hasan Sharib (Head of the Gudri Shahi Order of Sufis)

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