Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dare you embrace adversity?


Ah! Do you think that calamity (bala) is given to just anyone? What do you know of calamity? Be constant until you reach a point where you would willingly purchase calamity at the price of your own soul. Did not Shibli refer to this experience by saying: 'O God, all people seek You for your grace and comfort but I seek you for the sake of calamity.'

So wait until the alchemy of 'an attraction from the Divine attraction' begins to transform you. Then you will know what calamity is! Is not this then the true context of the Prophet's saying: "Just as gold is tried by being placed in a crucible over fire, so is the believer tried through disasters and calamities."

...Alas have you not heard the saying of that great master, "The lover's claim to love is insincere unless he enjoys the rebuke of the Beloved"?...Whoever does not endure separation from the Beloved will not attain the pleasure of Union; whoever does not consider the Beloved's insult as a Grace, is alien from the Beloved.

- Ayn al-Qudat in Tamhidat on the high spiritual level of those who embrace adversity. Ayn al-Qudat is a 12th century Sufi Saint, a contemporary of Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani.

Reference: The Heritage of Sufism

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