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The final ground between man and God - Teachings of Abdullah Ansari

Khwaja Abdullah Ansari (1006 -1089 CE)
Author of Sad Maidan (Hundred Grounds)


We have come to the final ground of the 'Hundred Grounds' (Sad Maidan) identified by Abdullah Ansari being the field between man and God. The hundredth Ground is the Ground of Subsistence (baqa). The Ground of Subsistence arises from the (99th) Ground of Annihilation. God Almighty declares: "God is better, and more subsistent." (Qur'an XX:73)
- God Almighty - and naught else: (for here)...
attachments are severed,
secondary causes overturned,
conventions and norms nullified,
limitations naughted,
understandings wrecked,
history obliterated,
allusions effaced,
expressions negated,
and God, One and Unique abides by Himself, eternally subsistent.

Now these Hundred Grounds are all absorbed in the Ground of Love.
The Ground of Love is the Ground of Friendship. God Almighty declares:"...a people whom He loves and they love Him (Qur'an III:31) and "Say: If you love God..."
Love has three stages:
First of all, Uprightness,
at midway, Intoxication
and finally, Annihilation.
And praise be to God, the First and the Last.
Essay by A.G. Ravan Farhadi
in 'The Heritage of Sufism.
Published by Oneworld Oxford.
Tomb Pic Credit: Imteaz
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