Monday, October 12, 2009

Junaid Baghdadi on Trust and Thankfulness


O son, I found this quote scribbled on a page of my book.
Junaid's basic principle on trust in God:
"You are before God
as you were
while God is before you
as He always is."
Junaid Baghdadi's eloquence was discovered by his uncle, Sari al-Saqati, a renowned imam and gnostic (arifbillah) of Baghdad (d.257 Hijrah). Sari took Junaid to pilgrimage when his nephew was only seven years old. At a gathering in Makkah where some 400 shaykhs were discussing the subject of thankfulness, Sari invited Junaid to offer his opinion. The boy responded, saying:
“Thankfulness means that
you should not disobey God
by means of the favour
which He has bestowed on you,
nor make of His favour
a source of disobedience.”
All the four hundred shaykhs were impressed by Junaid's remarkable words.
They thought it was the best definition on thankfulness.
Sari was delighted.
“Boy,” said Sari, “it will soon come to pass that your special gift from God will be your tongue.”
Junaid wept upon hearing his uncle's remarks.
“Where did you acquire this?” Sari asked.
“From sitting with you,” replied Junaid.

Pic: Tomb of Junaid Baghdadi (830 - 910 CE) in Baghdad, Iraq.

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