Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Realization of God


"The realization of God is given to one who craves it in anguish."
- Mansur al-Hallaj in Diwan

"Sufis reach realization of God by adoring His nature, calling on Him saying, Kull-i shayin Há l-i kull, which means, 'Everything will perish except His own Face.' They look upon all names and forms as the means of realizing the One, the only Being."
- Hazrat Inayat Khan in 'A Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty'

"Sufism speaks essentially of three elements: the nature of God, the nature of man and the spiritual virtues, which alone make possible the realization of God and which alone can prepare man to become worthy of the exalted position of ahsan taqwim, of becoming the total theophany of God's names and qualities.
- Seyyed Hossein Nasir in Sufi Essays

Pic credit: Rabia of Haqqani Fellowship

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