Sunday, October 18, 2009

This Station (Conversing with my Lord)


O Lord, O Lord, O Lord
Where is the train heading?
That I know.
Why You're making me wait so long at this station?
That I'm bewildered!

How dare I complaint!
I had emigrated for the sake of my Lord
Inni muhajirun illa Rabbi
That I proclaimed 4 years ago
Now I'm not sure where to go...

Thanks to You
I was a regular on that train in the picture
Bridge of Allan
a beautiful Scottish neighborhood
I called home for a year

You then flew me to Dubai
I thought You're going to make me fly
with promises of the Gulf's gold
But NO!
I had to say goodbye...

Alas, I came to this crossing
Penang Bridge
home sweet home
In my heart, I quietly sing

But Your message rings loud
Whatever You Will, happens!
Seeking solace from the Qur'an
I learned...
"If Allah touches you with harm,
there's no one who can remove it but He.
If He plans benefit for you,
there's no one who can keep back His mercy
for whoever of His servants that He wills..." (Surah Yunus 10:107)

I will...
remain hopeful
for this station
might be the final stop
before I reach my destination
and that is You O Lord!

May I be contented
like Zarruq the learned one,
To al-Hadrami he had written:
"We do not care where we are,
so long as we are numbered
among the beloved ones!"

- Ezza Ismail 13 October 2009

p/s O son, that's me, on being conferred a Master's degree with distinction in 2006. Alhamdulillah wa shukru lillah for each and every station.

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