Monday, November 23, 2009

A weekend at Al-Jenderami - a garden from Heaven


Alhamdulillah washukrulillah for each and every opportunity to visit Al-Jenderami.

I was there last weekend for Khatam Qasidah Burdah and Majlis Tahlil for Ustaz Hafiz's parents. Ustaz Hafiz (picture), also known as Pak Sheikh among the jemaah, is the mudir or leader of  'Madrasah Islamiah Jenderam', a subset of 'Yayasan al-Jenderami'.

Al-Jenderami is about an hour drive from KL. It is located in Dengkil, Selangor, Malaysia. It is a familiar name to countless ulama (Islamic scholars) around the world who would on a yearly basis gather for Al-Jenderami biggest event known as 'Ijtima Ulama'. The upcoming event scheduled in March 2010 is expected to be a major one as it will coincide with Al-Jenderami's 25th year anniversary, InshaAllah.

Apart from Ijtima Ulama, Al-Jenderami annually hosts a grand Mawlid-un Nabi celebration and Majlis Haul Saidatina Khadijah. During such big events, people from many parts of the country and Singapore would come in bus loads. Visitors either stay at Jenderam-Inn (a 2-star hotel), budget-motels or homestay, all managed by the jemaah themselves. Limited free accomodations are available for early birds, courtesy of the 40 orphans who give up their clean and spacious dormitory for guests.

In addition to the orphans, Al-Jenderami is also home to about 70 female senior citizens and its jemaah who built their homes within the complex. I must say that the jemaah at Al-Jenderami is a very close-knit one and they exemplify a true Muslim community in every sense of the word. On special occassions Ustaz Hafiz himself would cook for the large crowds and believe me his mutton biryani is the best biryani I've ever eaten!

The weekend spent at Al-Jenderami was, as always, spiritually enriching and enjoyable. An ideal weekend for me really would be: attending the weekly Mawlid, qasidah and tausiyah (lectures) at Al-Jenderami on Saturday evening; afterwards, hang-out with the jemaah or blogging on free Wi-Fi while sipping cincau drink; and checking-in at Aunty Zulfah's cozy guest-house.

Sunday: Rise early for Fajar & Subuh at the masjid, which usually ends with soothing recitations of al-Istighasah. At Ishraq: have homemade nasi lemak and kuih for breakfast at their 'bistro' while catching up with the warga-mas (senior citizens). At 9 a.m.: re-convene at the masjid for lectures on 'Tafsir Nur Ehsan' by Ustaz Hafiz. A typical weekend at Al-Jenderami concludes at about 11 a.m. Before leaving, do some shopping at Al-Jenderami's mini bazaar and co-op. Must buy items (for me) are books, ulama posters, frozen sardine rolls (a product of Al-Jenderami) and Fitrah herbal cincau.

The picture below shows a typical large crowd during special events at Al-Jenderami. Certainly, a weekend which coincides with big events would be even more spiritually enriching and enjoyable.

p/s: I am hoping to post a story about the charming qasidah boys of Al-Jenderami next time. InshaAllah.


  1. Salam. Pak Sheikh's class at masjid at-taqwa taman tun dr ismail every thursday morning is a must for me. I try not to miss.
    Though I used to see u in baalawi I never get to meet u in Jenderam. Insya allah one day. Whenever i go there, one thing for sure, i must have their bread (rolls especially)to bring home. And I agrees with you, Pak Sheikh's mutton bryani is superb.

  2. Alaykumsalam warahmatullah Mastura,
    Thanks for visiting Lisan al-Din.
    Baba Aziz is scheduled to be at Ba'Alawi mid December, InshaAllah, see you then.
    Fyi Pak Sheikh's majlis tahlil for his parents coincidentally fell on the same day. His mother died on 3rd Zulhijjah, his father on 21st Nov. Allah bless his parents for having a pious son like Pak Sheikh. Alhamdulillah.

  3. Salam sister,
    Allah works in mysterious ways hence I 'stumbled' upon your awesome blog. Very intrigued to visit the community, is it open to public? Can we just drop in anytime? How do they communicate their activities? Any website? Appreciate your kind help, jazakillahukhayran kathira

  4. Salam Shila,

    Alhamdulillah. Thank you for your kind words.
    Yes the place is open to public. You could get more info here

    I suggest you visit the place on weekends. They have got Tauhid & Tafsir classes at their Masjid on Saturday evenings. You can spend a night at their hotel or hostel. You may call to make bookings at this number: +603-87680200.
    Then after Subuh on Sunday you could enjoy 'Nasi Lemak' sold by the lovely Jenderami ladies. Then at about 9am on Sunday there will be a Tasawuf class given by Ustaz Hafiz.

    When you get there, ask to meet Sister Haliza. You can mention my name to her. InshaAllah she'll be happy to show you around.

    There was a grand Mawlid event there last weekend (24/25th Feb) which I missed : (

    Best regards