Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sana'i on the signs of the Path


"If you ask me, oh my brother, which are the signs of the Path, I would answer you very clearly and without ambiguity. The Path is
to look at the truth and break with the falsity,
it is to turn your face to the living universe,
to despise the earthly dignities,
to free your mind from any ambition of glory and fame,
to stoop to His service,
to purify your soul from evil and strengthen it with reason,
to leave the house of those who talk too much
and go to the one where people are silent
and to travel from God's manifestations to God's Attributes
and from there to His Knowledge.
Then, at that moment, you will have crossed the world of mysteries
and arrived at the door of Poverty.
When you are Poverty's friend,
your deep soul will have become a penitent heart.
Then, God will extract Poverty from your heart,
and when Poverty is gone from there,
God will stay in your heart."

FROM: Sana'i (d. 1131 CE)
in Hadiqatul Haqiqah (The Walled Garden of Truth)

O son, we need not understand everything that the Sufi forefathers are saying. Our main duty is to follow the guidance of our murshids. We too will arrive as they all have, bi-iznillah. Ariftu Rabbi bi Rabbi. I know my Lord by my Lord.
Reference: Rumi and Sufism by Eva de Vitray-Meyerovitch
Pic credit: 1peace1luv

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