Friday, January 8, 2010

Emanations of Lordly Grace


'Emanations of Lordly Grace' is an English translation of Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani's book Al-Fuduyat al-Rabbaniya. It contains absolutely amazing gems. Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, you may read it online HERE.

The first gem I discovered in al-Jilani's treasure trove was:
Rijal al-Ghaib - "The manner of Shaykh Abdul Qadir's salutation to the men of the Unseen (Rijal al-Ghaib)". Al-Jilani begins by giving salam to Rijalul Ghaib and ruhul muqaddas (the sanctified spirits) in general and then he begins naming their positions such as nuqaba, nujaba, ruqaba, budala, awtad and qutub. After addressing these noble men, Al-Jilani then recites a short but meaningful du'a asking them to provide assistance, look on with favor, treat with compassion, fulfill wishes and objectives and attend to the petitioner's needs satisfactorily. The salutations end with salam to none other than Khidir.

The second gem I discovered in al-Jilani's treasure trove was:
"Litany for relief from weariness" or Wirdul Zahab at-Ta'ab. It comprises of only three lines. Bismillah for one's heart. Bismillah for one's knees. And Bismillah for the earth.

We have heard how saints are blessed with special karamah of traversing a great distant of the earth in a short period of time; how they are known for their ability to 'fold up the earth'. This is it! But personally I never dreamed of attempting a miraculous skill because obviously I don't deserve it. But I would surely want to recite this as du'a to heal my mother's knees. InshaAllah.

I am indebted to Mas Taj for showing me where Al-Jilani's 'treasure trove' was kept. Truly, my deep appreciation goes to this young pious gentleman. A friend who's a Taj-lover. I never imagined there is a 20 year old Singaporean man who loves wearing Taj (Naqshbandi's cone hat) with a matching turban, jubah, carries a walking stick (he's a collector!), miswak and tasbeeh too. You might catch him on Arab Street chatting with his tasbeeh-seller friend. Allah bless you Mas Taj and all the pious youth, ladies and gentlemen out there.
Jumaah Mubarrak to everyone!

Thanks Mas, for making du'a for me at Habib Nuh's maqam yesterday : )

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  1. Jazaak Allah! May you prosper and find peace in this world and the next. Ameen!