Sunday, January 17, 2010

Have no fear


Among the characteristics of the friend of God or saint (wali) is that he has no fear, for fear derives from waiting for some imaginary future calamity or expectation of the loss of something one cherishes and loves. The friend of God, however, is the child of the present instant. He has no future from which he should fear anything, and just as he has no fear, so he has no hope, since hope involves waiting to obtain something in the future that one cherishes or expecting relief from something one dislikes. Neither does he have any sorrow, for sorrow comes from the sullying of one's contemplative moment. How can one who lives in the temenos* of contentment with God and dwells in the garden of harmonious affirmation of His will, ever feel grief?

- Junayd in Hujwiri: Kashf al-Mahjub
FROM: The Wisdom of Sufism  
Temenos =  sacred enclosure surrounding a temple or other holy spot

O son, I know this may seem difficult at first, but trust me, you will attain, you will, because sufficient is Allah as our Mawla!

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  1. Thanks, heart comforting phareses.