Thursday, January 14, 2010

One admirer of Habib Umar bin Hafiz


I have been with Habib Umar a little more than 3 years. I know that we are people who know that we are not going to die until we eat everything Allah has written for us to eat in this life, spend everything Allah has written for us to spend in this world and meet all the people that Allah has written for us to meet. Alhamdulillah today I am happy to see all of you brothers and sisters in the back, Assalamualaikum!

I have been in Malaysia now for only one month and before this I was in Yemen with Habib Umar. Only after being Muslim for about 5 months Allah brought me to Yemen to meet Habib. Before Islam I grew up Jewish, I'm raised Jewish and I grew up becoming Christian before I come to Islam. So you know the Jews, they love Allah, the Christians, they love Allah, we love Allah but we have Muhammad. So we are people who bear witness in the oneness of Allah and that Muhammad s.a.w is His Rasul, His Messenger.

So when I meet Habib Umar, I would barge this man. And I never saw anybody in my life who is more loved by people, who people would just come to, he would be surrounded by them just asking for advice, seeking counsel in his presence, they love this man. I never came across a human being of this nature in my life. I will ask him a question like 'what is your favorite kind of food Habib,' and he will reply, 'whatever Rasulullah s.a.w love.' I would tell him that 'I want something, this is what I want.' He said, 'you don't want unless Allah wants.' After being with him and following him for about a month and a half, I go to almost everywhere with this man. I asked him what he wanted from me, I'm thinking he wanted me to do something and I asked him what he wanted me to do. He always say he wanted me to follow Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

Habib Umar is a man who imitates, he is an imitator and he imitates the only one who's worthy of imitation and that is Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. The reason we are gathered here tonight, the reason we have solah, the reason we have a relationship with Allah, we owe all this from Muhammad s.a.w. And we do everything for the sake of Allah, and for the sake of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. We don't do things for our own sake. This makes us so much different from other people, from the Jewish, from the Christian. We are people who do not fear poverty. We love to spend money on one another and love each other as brothers. Even shaking our brother's hands, sins fall off our heart like leaves fall off the tree. Islam makes us stand next to each other. No matter where we are in the world, we pray towards the same direction.

Alhamdulillah, I just like to tell you a story about Habib Umar and I'm glad that Allah has brought all of you here today to be in his presence because I love this man with all my heart. I love this man. His father was somebody who was murdered by the communist when they occupied Yemen, after hearing a powerful speech at a gathering. He gave a powerful speech, trying to pull people to Allah. This man was taken away. This was the last time people saw Habib Umar's father. He was killed, he was murdered. The man who the people believed killed Habib Umar's father called Habib Ali who is Habib Umar's student and told him 'I want to come to Allah.' The man who murdered Habib Umar's father. So Habib Ali called Habib Umar and told him what had happened. And Habib Umar only reply was 'If he wants to come to Allah, we need to help him.'

It's all about love to Allah. I am very very grateful that Allah has brought me to this deen because this deen is love, its essence is love. InshaAllah Allah make us grateful. We are here to witness the oneness of Allah and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. as His messenger. InshaAllah, I ask you to make du'a so that my family be guided to this deen, that Allah opens their heart to accept Islam. InshaAllah if you sit in front of  Habib Umar, sit with sincerity for Allah and act like you are in the presence of Rasulullah s.a.w. You will benefit most from his love. His love will be transferred to you. Your heart will be purified. You will leave this place with much spiritual benefit. InshaAllah. Assalamualaikum.

- Shaykh Abdul Karim from Australia
At a majlis with Habib Umar bin Hafiz at Masjid al-Falah Selangor, Malaysia 
10 January 2010.

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