Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A secret between you and Him


Al-Junayd said, "Sincerity is a secret between God and the servant. Even the recording angel knows nothing of it to write it (in the register of one's deeds). The devil does not know of it to corrupt it, nor is passion aware of it that it might influence it." Ruwaym explained, "Sincerity in good deeds is that the one performing the deed wants compensation of it neither in the world nor in the hereafter, nor does he seek goodly treatment from the two angels who question the dead."

It was asked of Sahl bin Abdullah, "What is the hardest thing on the self?" He answered, "Sincerity, because it has no share in it." When asked about sincerity, one of the Sufis responded, "It means that you call upon no one other than God to be a witness to your doings."

- Al-Qushayri in Risala (Principles of Sufism)

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