Saturday, February 27, 2010

Become effaced like milk in pastry


What would happen, youth, if you become a lover like me -
every day madness, every night weeping.
His image not out of your eyes for an instant -
two hundred lights in your eyes from that face.
You would cut yourself off from your friends,
you would wash your hands of the world:
"I have detached myself from myself,
I have become totally Yours.
"When I mix with these people, I am water with oil,
outwardly joined, inwardly separate."
Leaving behind all selfish desires, you would become mad,
but not any madness a doctor could cure.
If for an instant the physicians tasted this heartache,
they would escape their chains and tear up their books.
Enough! Leave all this behind, seek a mine of sugar!
Become effaced in that sugar like milk in pastry.

O son, know that a mark of one who has gnosis is not one who is stiff but one who is fluid; and certainly not one who clings to himself though he may appear as foolish to the men of flesh. In truth, he is the intelligent one for he gives up from himself that which is worthless for something real - the True One. How can one who gives up a drop of water for an ocean be foolish?

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