Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"Become of the noble scribes." - Shaykh Hisham Kabbani


O son, I cannot describe how inspired I was when I read Shaykh Hisham's article on 'The Noble Scribes'. When an inheritor of a holy ranking and divine knowledge like Shaykh Hisham speaks, he speaks with an immense wisdom. His words and light will surely penetrate your heart, bi-iznillah.

In 'The Noble Scribes', Shaykh Hisham stresses on the importance of knowing ourselves because "he who knows himself, knows his Lord." The children of Adam & Eve are honorable as they were shaped by God's Hands, made from His Spirit and He has taught them His Names. For a start, Shaykh Hisham says we must know that we are special and one example may be found in our fingers, particularly the thumb and index finger. These two fingers represent our spiritual identity. By putting them together especially during meditation, we connect ourselves to the world of light as a channel opens for the flow of Divine Power or Qudra. The secrets of LAM-ALIF are embedded in these two fingers. Holding them together gives you the power of manifestation - "from the ALIF, which is unseen and unknowable, that energy moves through the LAM into physical manifestation. That is the reality of La illaha illa Allah Muhammadun RasulAllah." The first part of the shahadah represents the ALIF while the second part represents LAM. The relationship between Alif and Lam here means that one cannot know Allah who is from the 'unseen and unknowable' dimension without going through Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who is from the realm of 'physical manifestation'. Consequently, when LAM and ALIF meets at the meeting of one's thumb and index finger, that which was unmanifested before could become manifested by means of a pen between the two fingers.

We are all aware of the first Divine revelation to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w:
“Read! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful.
He taught by means of the Pen;
taught man that which he knew not.” (Al-Alaq/The Clot 96:3-5)

We know from that first Qur'anic verse that we will be taught through 'the Pen'. That is how we learn and acquire knowledge. In our hand lies a capability to make knowledge manifest by way of writing. We have seen how people have acted upon the inspirations in their hearts and wrote their ideas and knowledge which eventually manifested in the forms of useful things for our physical needs such as buildings, vehicles etc.

The writing of knowledge of the spiritual world is as significant as the writing of knowledge for the physical world, if not more. Mawlana Shakh Nazim Haqqani wants us to live a life with heavenly purpose so that what we do here on this earth will be beneficial for us in the hereafter. He encourages us to use our hands to document the realities of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. because God has given to the Prophet the kawthar (Fountain of Abdundance) - endless oceans of heavenly knowledge. Whoever documents that knowledge is an honorable scribe. So write. Document all the heavenly teachings because your writings will be an eternal dress for your soul. Your efforts will prove to be a savior for you on the Day of Judgment. 

Shaykh Hisham also said that we should align ourselves with the Prophetic light by following a master who is connected to the Prophet s.a.w. Such a master is able to dress us with his reality which is the reality of Sayyidina Muhammad s.a.w. So find a master and follow him. Write what you learn from him. Let every letter be an eternal blessing that eternally dresses your soul.

Ya Sayyidi Shaykh Hisham, may with your blessings, with the blessings of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim and all the mashaikhs, may Allah make us a writer of all that is good and useful for Allah sake. O son, write even a single line; write even if it is read only by one reader.

Shaykh Hisham symbolically inked his love and kinship towards his murshid, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Haqqani by signing on his painting at an event in Jakarta in Nov 2009.
 Pic credit: Bro. Rifat Ali of Haqqani Fellowship
Please click here for the complete article 'THE NOBLE SCRIBES'

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