Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Generous as the ocean


O son, this is the second most favorite sayings of Abu Yazid Bistami, of mine:

"The sign of the friend of God is that he has three qualities:
a generosity like that of the ocean,
a compassion like that of the sun
and a humility like that of earth."

So let's observe the qualities of the sea, the sun and the earth, and reflect upon ourselves. May Allah makes it easy for us to emulate His friends. May Allah keeps our aspirations (himma) high so we dare dream of becoming His friend. Do not despair. Look not at what you could offer Him. Look at what comes from Him.
Because what comes from you is no doubt limited; what springs forth from Allah the Almighty is absolutely unlimited and eternal. May we be successful dunya wal akhirah.
Ameen Allahumma ameen.

p/s My most favorite Bistami's sayings was posted here.
Picture taken at Pangkor Beach Resort, Malaysia.

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