Thursday, February 25, 2010

O Taha


O you who ridicule me for the love that I have,
One who is intoxicated by love should be forgiven for his excessiveness,
If you but knew the sufferings of a lover, 
you would never want to scorn him.
Stanza 9 - Qasidah Burdah  


Mawla ya salli wa sallim daa'iman, abadann
'Ala habeebika khayri khalqi kullihimi.
O Mawla (Protector), send prayers and peace always and forever
Upon Your beloved, the best out of all of Creation.

Muhammadun sayyidul kawnayni wath-thaqalayn,
Wal fareeqayni min 'urbiw-wa min 'ajami.
Muhammad is the Sayyid (Master) of the two worlds and the two groups (men and jinn),
And the Guide of both the Arabs and the non-Arabs.

Nabiyyunal amirun-nahi fala ahadun,
Abarra fi qawli la minhu wa la na'ami.
He is our Prophet, commanding the right and forbidding the wrong, and there is none,
More true in word, saying "Yes" (meaning this is permitted) or "No" (meaning this is haram).

Huwal habeebul-ladhee turja shafaa'atuhu
Li kulli hawlim-minal ahwali muqutahimi.
He is the Habib (beloved) of the One, from whom we have hopes of intercession (shafa)
In (from) all the woes that have descended upon the humans.

Da'a ilallahi fal mustamsi koona bihi
Mustamsi koona bi hablin ghayri munfasimi.
He called us to the path of Allah, and those who cling to him
Have held the rope of Allah so tight, that it would never break.

Faqan nabiyyina fi khalqiw-wa fi khuluqin
Wa lam yudaanuhu fi 'ilmiw-wa la karami.
He surpasses all the Prophets in khalq (creation/external appearance) and in khuluq (characters/internal apprearance)
None could reach his rank in knowledge (ilm) and in generosity (karam).

Famablaghul 'ilmi feehi annahu basharun
Wa annahu khayru khalqillahi kullihimi.
Our utmost knowledge about him says that he is a bashar (human being)
He is the most distinguished and the best, out of all of Creation.

O son, let Qasida Burdah be the first song you learn by heart and hum always. For that which praise and masquerade His Beloved would attract love into his heart. May Allah heighten our love and longing for Taha, the Prophet of Allah, Sayyidina Muhammad s.a.w. the most distinguished and the best, out of all of Creation.
  - 12 Rabi'ul Awal 1431 Hijri

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