Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh Ya Latif...


O son, pardon me for sounding mushy but how and why do we get the sudden influx of love in our hearts? A vague, nice, intangible feeling we conveniently call love. Or even healing for that matter - an energy from nowhere or somewhere removing all pains. Or thoughts? Is it really all in the mind?

Rumi says:
"There is a world of bodies, another of imaginings, another of fantasies, and another of suppositions, but God is beyond all worlds, neither within nor without them. Now, consider how God controls these imaginings by giving them form without qualification, without pen or instrument. If you split open your breast in search of a thought or idea and take it apart bit by bit, you won't find any thoughts there. You won't find any in your blood or in your veins. You won't find them above or below. You won't find them in any limb or organ, for they are without physical quality and are non-spatial. You won't find them on your outside either. Since His control of your thoughts is so subtle as to be without trace, then consider how subtle and traceless He must be who is the Creator of all this. Inasmuch as our bodies are gross objects in relation to ideas, so also subtle and unqualifiable ideas are gross bodies and forms in relation to the subtlety of the Creator."

"In lieu of his limitless and incomprehensible nature, God’s knowledge is over the very basic components of existence. At such a level where the atom exists, modern discoveries in physics states that a whole new set of rules exist at the level beyond the sub-atomic. One hypothesis on the table of physics is that the four known forces (strong, weak, electro-magnetic, and gravity) seem not to matter at such a level, but mind seems to control this level. To the physics it seems as if the very structure of reality is ruled by a super-conscious from beyond the sub atomic level.
Thus, the mystery for physicist is the Mind that is programming existence. Islam believes that this programmer is God. Al-Latif is more central to humanity than the very soul of man." - Khalil Green
O son, one of my favorite du'as is:
Allahu Latifun bi 'ibadihi
yarzuqu man yasha'u
wa huwa l'-Qawiyyu l-'Aziz
Allah is gentle with His servants.
He provides for whom He wills,
and He is the Strong, the Mighty.

It is said to be a good prayer to recite on the head of a young child so he/she would grow up to be polite and obedient. If Allah wills, I shall do that for you someday. InshaAllah.
Refer the entire article on "Al-Latif in Islam" by Khalil Green.
Further reading on Al-Latif at

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