Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reflect upon yourself


Perfect human beings realize the human potential to be one of the three divine books. It is not enough for those who want to follow in their footsteps to hear God's signs in the two outside books - the Quran and the universe. The human self is the greatest of all books, for it alone allows God to achieve the goal, but neither has the potential to become a self-aware book. Both manifest the Hidden Treasure, but neither can know it with full awareness.

So, "He who knows himself knows his Lord" and he also knows all things. So, my son, if you reflect upon yourself, that is enough for you. since there is nothing outside of you. The leader of the gnostics, Sayyidina Ali bin Abi Talib said,
Your cure is within you, but you do not know,
your illness is from you, but you do not see.
You are the "Clarifying Book" through whose letters becomes manifest the hidden.
You suppose that you're a small body
but the greatest world unfolds within you.
You would not need what is outside yourself
if you would reflect upon self, but you do not reflect.

In the same way, Ibn Arabi, the seal of the specific Muhammadan sanctity said:
I am the Quran and the seven oft-repeated (15:87)
and the spirit of the spirit -
there is no spirit I am not.

- W. Chittick expounding on Human Perfection and quoting Sayyidina Ali and Ibn Arabi
in 'Sufism - A Short Introduction'
Publisher credit: Oneworld

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