Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shun away lusts


Shaykh Abdul Mahmud al-Hayfan (1919 - 1973)
said in Al-Wasiyya:

Live, my sons, in this world with the logic of absolute conviction about Allah's wisdom and justice, with the unique love of Allah and His Messenger, with the honest endeavour to please Allah and with the understanding, prudent and promising actions of establishing the Truth.

In all this be conscious of pure loyalty and pure intention. Purity of intention in the cause of the Truth is a matter that transcends all events, however difficult or dangerous they are.

Know that the veiled are many but the bride is one. Strive to win her and know that you cannot do so except after getting her her dowry. Do you know her dowry? It is first (fasting) by day, waking (in worship) at night, keeping the tongue tight except in truth, spreading peace (by greeting), observing good conduct towards all beings, permitting the allowable, sanctioning the forbidden, giving food and praying at night when people are asleep.

Allah gives this world to those He loves and dislikes from His slaves.
He does not give the afterworld except to those He loves.
Be of the sons of the afterworld and you will succeeed.

Be indifferent to lusts, my sons and you will be free of their shackles. Because he who is overcome by his lusts becomes a slave to them. He who is enslaved by lust will be humiliated by it. Remember the saying of our honorable prophet (pbuh):
"He who is desirous of paradise hastens to do the good
and he who is afraid of fire shuns away lusts."

O son, as in other postings, this one is directed to you and me. Shun away lusts! Beware of people who lure you into fulfilling their lusts. Beware of being distracted from your endeavor to please Allah. Remember your goal is:  Ilahi anta maqsudi wa redhoka matlubi. Irresponsible men are everywhere waiting to victimize women, so please look after your sisters. Should you wish to have a woman, pay her dowry. Be a son of the afterworld.

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