Friday, March 5, 2010

Be thankful for all He gives and takes


O son, we all need friends to knock on our heads when we get mental knots and give us a pat on the back when we need it. Yesterday, a friend hammered in my head... 
"that we are here
not by accident,
not by coincident,
but by purpose,
by His will,
by His permission.
Who are we to decide who or what we deserve,
other than to say we hope for His aid,
His mercy,
His blessing
and be thankful for all He gives us
and be thankful for all He takes from us,
for we are His slaves."

Indeed we must be thankful for all He gives us and takes from us, both, because we often overlook the latter. And this is true for every occurrences in life, however major or minor. Today I was delighted to learn that my beloved cutey cat Ching Ching has come home after being gone for nearly 8 months! Oh...the emotions He puts in our hearts; the agonies of  losing love and the joy of finding it again!
p/s Thanks Z. I am the black one.You the golden!

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