Sunday, March 28, 2010

The elect among us


Someone asked me recently whether my guru was genuine. And another tariqa follower (not Naqshbandi) had also asked me whether my other guru was genuine. Needless to say I got disturbed and upset when people questioned people whom I respect and love. I just wish those who have doubts about anyone would be a gentleman and meet, and speak with the person themselves. But I doubt they would do that.

I am naive. In many instances I simply follow my heart. When I meet some wonderful religious people I just submit myself easily because they are simply beautiful beings and they are irresistible! When they speak, their words penetrate your deepest heart and you just cannot deny the truth.

O son, walk and search for your guru. That is if you want to reach to the spiritual world. Listen to the words of the venerated Fariduddin Attar:

"After the Qur'an and the sayings of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, there is not any discourse that is more beautiful than the discourse of the friends of Allah. This is because their speech is a reflection of inner divine knowledge. It is not the words of a learned person; rather their speech is a gift from Allah. For this reason, they are called the heirs of the prophets. The hearts of those touched by their speech become full of divine inspiration. They are re-energized as they fill with light and spiritual secrets are revealed to them. In the process of this transformation they are protected from the whispers of Satan as they are freed from enslavement to mundane desires.

The saints reflect the qualities of the prophets; some of them reflect the qualities of Adam, some of them reflect the qualities of Ibrahim, some reflect the qualities of Musa or Isa while some reflect the qualities of Muhammad s.a.w.

Some of them are people of knowledge, some of them are people of love, some of them are people of social interaction while some of them are people immersed in reunion with Allah; some of them reflect no qualities, that is they are hidden in nothingness."

FROM 'Tears of the Heart' by Osman Nuri Topbas 
Pic credit: Haqqani Fellowship
p/s Kak Ina, thanks for all the great books!

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  1. Kata pepatah, Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Seseorang itu akan bersama dengan orang yang dia cintainya. Maka sebaik-baik insan untuk dicintai adalah Rasulullah saw dan ahlulbait dan seterusnya murshid yang mengajar dan membawa kita mencintai Allah, Rasulullah saw, ahlulbait dan seluruh umatnya, murshid yang mengajar erti cinta dan kasih-sayang biarpun pada orang yang membenci kita