Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Follow Prophet's Four Traits" - Habib Najib bin Toha


Habib Najib bin Toha of Solo, Indonesia (pic) was the last to give a tausiyah (lecture) at Al-Jenderami's Annual Mawlid Grand Celebration last night. Before him was Shaykh Mahmud of Madinah whose countenance, nur and words pierced my heart and made me tearful that I could not put down in writing the pearls of wisdom he was pouring. Oh such barakah and shafaat Shaykh Mahmud has brought from holy land Madinah! I promise I will try to get a copy of his speech for you later InshaAllah.

Habib Najib bin Toha was no less eloquent and impressive. He had spoken on four traits of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w that we should all try to emulate - a teaching attributed to Imam Junaid who had said:
"If you had these four traits of Rasulullah s.a.w Allah will raise you to the highest heaven though your knowledge may be very little. 
1. Al-Hilm  (gentleness)
To have hilm means you know how to place something at its rightful place. It means being gentle to all people in the right manner befitting the person and circumstances. When Prophet Ibrahim a.s. prayed to Allah to give him a son who is saliheen (pious/devout) - Rabbi habli minas saliheen. O Lord grant me a righteous son (As- Safaat 38:100), Allah answered his prayers saying, 'I will give you a son who is halim" though he asked for a son who is salih. This is because the character of saliheen is already embedded in halim. One who has halim knows how to appreciate other people. When he meets someone older, he shows great respect and when he meets the youngsters, he treats them with love. 

2. Tawadhuk (to have a humble heart) 
He who wishes to emulate the Prophet's character of tawadhuk should not have pride in his heart. He should never think that he is better or superior than others. He must be humble enough to help his wife. The Prophet s.a.w was always helping his wives around their homes. He said, 'the best man among you is the one who is best towards his lady.'

3. Husnul khulk (best behaviors)
It is quite all right if you had little knowledge but you must have good akhlak (behavior). Having a good behavior means that you show a genuine appreciaton towards people and anyone. The Prophet s.a.w treated his companions in the best manner so much so that each one felt that he was special to the Prophet and that he was giving a special attention to them. 

4. Generous
The last of four characters of the Prophet which we must follow is that of generosity. Generous enough that we should not show that we love the world more than we love the One who owns the world. So that we are always giving and keeping Him in our hearts and seeing all as His bounties, hence be generous in sharing with other people.

O son, may we pay attention to these four traits of Rasulullah s.a.w and try inculcate them truthfully, all for the love and respect for Rasulullah s.a.w the best of all of creations.
Sallu alan Nabi!

p/s For those of you living around KL please do not miss Al-Jenderami Grand Mawlid Celebration tonight 6.00 - 10.30 pm. For directions please call Hj Khalid 019 386 2096 or Sis Haliza at 019 257 9584. May Allah invites us to be with His awliyas, be at Heaven's Garden on earth. InshaAllah.

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