Monday, March 29, 2010

Seeing none but Him


One mu'aleem whom I love said:

Allah 'speaks'.
How does He speak? Not a branch moves without His order. You will not sleep or walk without His orders either. His orders or instructions are his qalam (speech). That should be your aqidah (religious stand).

When you look at the rambutans (a tropical fruit), you should 'see' Allah. You see people getting married, you should see Allah. Only then you have shuhud (witnessing). Do not question His af'al (actions). But be careful, He will question your af'al!

You must continously say in your heart, Allah, Allah, Allah...
Get rid of everything else from your heart. May Allah make your heart clean so that only His Name occupies your heart. So that you witness only Him, see only Him. So I am telling you, you must be a salik.
You must do zikir nafi (denial):
La ilaha illAllah
Then you must do zikir isbat (proclamation):
Allah Allah...
which is ism zat (name of His essence).
You must also say other zikir nafi such as:
La maqbud illAllah
When you say this, you must truly be in love with none, save Allah. You should not be in love with gold, people or clothes. I see that you now have many lovers in your heart. You have many fears too. So you must deny and get rid of all that - LA! (No!)

You should say:
La maqbud illAllah
La maqsud illAllah
La mawjud illAllah

La mawjud illAllah is shuhud wahdatul zat. When you see a tree, you see the essence of the tree which comes into existence by virtue of His Essence, therefore you must be able to see His essence.
La maqbud illallah is shuhud wahdatul af'al which is witnessing His actions.

Shuhud is is the fruit of a pure and genuine aqidah. You will have attained it when you are able to see wahdaniyat (His Oneness/Omnipotence/Omnipresence/Hu Ahad) that for anything and everything, it is He who determines. To achieve that, I keep saying that you must be salik, that you should be 'walking' towards Allah in accordance to the shari'at (the religious laws) and sunnah (the Prophetic traditions).

Fana (annihilation) means that you see nothing as being the acts of akwan/makhluk (created beings). When your witnessing (shuhud) becomes continuous/perpetual, your heart will be freed of seeing the acts of the creations. You believe in your heart that it is all His actions. This is the penultimate of one's aqidah. Baqa means that you will remember none save Allah.
So again, fana is when you deny (nafi) that things happen on their own accord through makhluk (created beings) while baqa is when you acknowledge (isbat) solely Allah who creates all. This is the highest aqidah and iman.

So recite:
1. La ilaha illAllah. La maqbud bi haqqin illAllah.
2. La ilaha illAllah. La maqsud illAllah.
3. La ilaha illAllah. La mawjud illAllah.
After having denied all, you should move on to profess (zikir) Allah, Allah, Allah...

Wallahu a'lam.
May I be forgiven for any errors in transmission.

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  1. Such beauty in your guidance. To love God. To live in love for God. To be love for God. Thank you. Your words describe it perfectly. Allah, Allah, Allah . ��