Saturday, April 24, 2010

The bashfulness of the Prophet


O son, I wish I was as bashful as this one friend I know. I am ashamed that the friend is a male because it is better that a woman be more shy than a man. Let's read about the bashfulness of the Prophet s.a.w as written by Osman Nuri Topbas in 'The Prophet of Mercy Muhammad - Scenes from his life'.

According to the description of his companions, the Prophet s.a.w was more bashful than a young girl who covered herself from unwanted eyes. He never spoke with a loud voice. When he passed by others, he used to do so slowly and with a smile on his face. Nevertheless, his face reflected his feelings and thoughts. Thus, people around him were very careful about their conduct when they were near him. He never laughed loudly because of his modesty. The most he did was only to smile. In a hadith it is stated that,
"Bashfulness is from faith. Bashful people will be in Paradise! Shamelessness arises from the hardness of heart. Those with hardened hearts will go to the Hellfire" Another hadith states: "Faith and modesty are together. When one leaves, the other departs too." "Rude talk does not bring anything except shame! Modesty and decency decorate wherever they may be."

Real modesty is gained by "remembering death", which is a means for the removal from the heart of love for this world. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w continuously advised his companions to extend to Allah the profound respect He deserves. Once, they said that they thanked Allah modestly. The Prophet s.a.w explained that real modesty involves cleaning all one's organs from prohibited actions and remembering death. Next he stated that only those who truly desire the next world abandon their love for this world. And only they show true modesty of conduct towards Allah.


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