Sunday, April 25, 2010

How humble are you?


O son, we have been learning plenty of things on Lisan al-Din over the past one year, not to mention some difficult sounding sufi terminologies or concepts such as annihilation (fana), wahdatul wujud (oneness of being) etc. For today, I thought we should just learn to practise one simple thing, that is to go out and consider ourself as inferior to everyone we meet out there. How's that?

Hassan al-Basri said:
Shibli related that Yusuf Ibn Asbat (d. 811/2) was asked to describe the height of humility. He said: "It is that when you leave your house, you consider everyone you see in the street to be better than yourself."

May Allah makes it easy for us to put into practise all that we have been learning.

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