Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Leave the irrelevant things


A man said to one of the Sufis,
"I want to make the pilgrimage in a state of deprivation."
He replied:
"First deprive your heart of negligence,
deprive yourself of levity (lack of appropriate seriousness),
and deprive your tongue of vain talk;
then travel wherever you please."

How much time has been lost on account of vain talk? Alhamdulillah, for this realization, for this turn of events and for this conclusion. How much more assurance do we need, that Allah wants to give us something better each day, IF we leave that which is of no concern to us. Thanks to our mothers and our gurus for their never ending du'a, that one after another veil comes down and we learn something useful each day. And get wiser. Bi-iznillah.
(Please excuse me, I just needed a pat on the back for having achieved something I have been wanting to do - leave 'that one particular thing' that which does not concern me. Alhamdulillah. Subhanallah!)

"The Prophet s.a.w is reported to have said: "One of the results of the excellence of the person's Islam is neglecting that which does not concern him." Being busy with that which is of no concern to you is the business of those who are idle and in illusion. The person who is deprived of the pleasure of His Master is he who did not act on what he was commanded but instead occupied himself with irrelevant things. This is deprivation itself, hatred itself and banishment itself. Woe unto you! Obey the commandments, refrain from the prohibitions, comply with the things that require compliance and then surrender yourself to destiny without asking 'why' or 'how'. The care of Allah about you combined with His knowledge of you are better than your care for yourself combined with your ignorance of your Lord. Be satisfied with His giving and occupy yourself with offering thanks for it. Do not ask Him for more, for you do not know where His gracious favor lies."
- Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani

Ya Raqib
Ya Mujib
Ya Wasi'
Ya Hakim
Ya Wadud
Ya Majid

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