Thursday, April 15, 2010

Remembering who?


O son, woe unto us for wanting creations (that someone special perhaps) to remember us when we should be remembering the One who remembers us and never forget us. If He had forgotten us, we would have been vanished, died, maybe. But even then, dying and everything that befall us are all in His Knowledge and  amr (management) so effectively speaking, He never leaves us in His remembrance. And yet our lower nafs is distracted from the real remembrance that we still think of someone else, wondering if 'he/she is thinking of me as I think of her/him'. While we may be thinking of him/her, we cannot be sure if it's reciprocated. However, the Creator has promised us: "So remember Me, I will remember you." (Qur'an 2:152)

When do we really remember Him earnestly? When illness overcomes us (hopefully) and when we receive unexpected bounties (perhaps). Oh then we would do the lipservice and proclaim Alhamdulillah out loud. But how much of that gratitude sinks in our deepest heart? Do we say it for people to hear? Perhaps, for a change we should say Alhamdulillah quietly in our hearts and whisper meaningfully to the Greatest One as often as possible and be grateful that we are still breathing. That is why Habib Yusuf al-Bakhour once said, "those who truly know and love Allah, they watch their breath. On each inhale and exhale, not a single breathing is wasted without mahabbah  - a deep sense of love, bonding, remembrance and gratitude for Allah."

Al-Qushayri said in Principles of Sufism:
"Among the qualities unique to remembrance is that it is not limited to appointed times. Indeed, the servant is commanded to make remembrance of God, whether as a duty or as a recommendation, at all times. The daily prayers, however, even though they are the noblest act of devotion, are not permitted at certain times. Remembrance of the heart is continual, in all conditions. God Most High commends "Those who make remembrance of God standing, sitting, and lying on their sides" (Qur'an 3:191)

The prophet s.a.w said:
"O people, graze in the meadows of the Paradise."
We asked, 'what are the meadows of Paradise?'
He s.a.w replied:
"The gatherings formed for making remembrance of God.
Go forth, morning and evening, in remembrance of God.
Let he who desires to know his standing with God,
look at the rank he accords God.
The rank God Most High grants to His servant corresponds to the rank his servant accords Him."
Translator credit: V. Schlegell

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  1. Salam

    Hope you are well. I have been following your blog for the past couple of months or so, to the point where i have read almost each post! ( no joke) Allahmdillulah I have found them endearing and grounding. Its just what I needed right now. It scares me to realise how far from the path I have strayed, astaghfirullah. I am trying to find my way back now, its what got me interest into sufism after reading the hikam of different sufis from the past, "Sudden distress heralds feast days for the one who aspires". (I am not sure if you have read the Darqawi Letters by Aisha Brewely, if not I recommend you to read it).

    I am fairly new to sufism, like many aspects of this religion, we have much to learn inshallah, but I have always had an interest in it. I am falling more in love with it with all the more I read about it. Its this interest that caused me to arrive at your blog, and alhamdulliah I am glad. Infact your posts couldnt have come at a better time, especially with learning the attributes of Allah (swt) its weird as I had started learning this a couple of months ago, but after 30 attributes, my interest waned and I lost focus..... Then I started to feel quilty coupled with feelings of despair that I was not worthy of such a gift (astraghfillah) now I am trying to fight the waswas that taunt me...I read a comment the other day: 'you know paradise but you do not strive for it'. Upon reading that I got scared and the unfinished list of attributes just came to my head, and the hadith that however learns all 99 names will enter paradise inshalah. and more so when i read the verse in the quran about the beautiful names of Allah (swt). With all this in mind I have set the deadline for myself to get this done by april - it may be abit unrealistic, but I am determined to push myself with the help of Allah (Ya Mu'min). Sorry for flooding your wall but I wanted you to understand how important your posts were to me! After all 'faithful believers are like bricks of a house, always reinforcing one another', i found this to be true more now than ever before. On that note I will leave you in peace, inshallah I will get in touch again - dont stop writing! May Allah (swt) bless you, and please pray for me, I am in some turmoil right now, its just really hard.

    A fan :)

    p.s. Check this when you get a mo, I think you may like it, that is if you havent seen it before.