Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Believe in miracles


O son, this is a personal message to you as it relates to something that has happened to me. Actually, it is not a miracle as it is something that is very easy for Him to do for He is the Almighty. But it is miraculous for a mortal, for one who has fears and hopes.

Yesterday, I saw 'Sultanan Nasira'.

You know every time I leave the prayer rug it is as though I am going to leave His abode and enter the tough tough world out there, so I would pray for help:
Rabbi ad khilni mud khalla sidqin  
wa akrijni muk raja sidqin
waj alli min laduka sultanan nasira
(From the Qur'an Surah Isra 17:80)
"O my Lord! let my entry be by the Gate of Truth and Honor
and likewise my exit by the Gate of Truth and Honor;
and grant me from Thy Presence an authority to aid (me)."

Subhan Allah, yesterday He sent me an authority to help me, yet again. The assistance seemed 'unbelieveable', it had to be from His presence. Well what's not from His presence? Subhan Allah!

I am merely proclaiming His bounties on me as in the Qur'anic verse wa amma biniqmati rabbika fahaddis. "And proclaim the bounties of your Lord." Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.
O son, I believe in miracles, I have always believed in miracles.
I hope you do too!

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